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On the Turkmenistan side of the border, the operations were refreshingly (and somewhat unusually for an overland border) professional.  Each official directed the travellers to the next one on the list for them to see.  In fairness however, this professionalism … Continue reading

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Blotted copy book

At 11pm, the guys were awoken by lights illuminating their tents and voices repeating “Mister, Mister”. Ed’s first thoughts at seeing the lights were to wonder if the friendly villagers had returned with some sort of fire to entertain or … Continue reading

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Salt lakes and sand dunes

On Friday 27 May, the time had come to leave behind the bustle of Tehran in favour of the peace and solitude of one of Behzad’s recommendations. Of the four or five most striking locations that Behzad had shown photos … Continue reading

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The kindness of strangers

The Iranian side of the Esendere border was friendly and efficient – no annoying or expensive scams, no time-consuming detailed checks of Carnet details. Also no currency exchange office, just a number of hopefuls wandering around with wads of assorted … Continue reading

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Two in Turkey

NB – This post was uploaded from Iran where our photo hosting services are blocked: photos will be added later… On arriving back at Mocamp, Dan found not only Ed, but also some other friendly British arrivals – a Bristolian … Continue reading

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Romans and Iranians

Saturday 7 May dawned clear and bright just as promised, and, confident that it would all be dry by the end of the day, Dan did a bumper load of laundry and hung it out on his line before setting … Continue reading

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Turkish Delight Selection

Dan’s mission on arriving in Turkey was to obtain his Iranian visa.  Istanbul then was the destination, and with the Iranian admin out of the way, there would be time to see some sights.  Dan set up camp at Mystik … Continue reading

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Poised at the gateway to Asia

Austria, Hungary and Romania all choose to confuse travelling motorists with their vignette or road tax requirements.  Bulgaria makes excellent use of the Cyrillic alphabet on road signs for the same purpose.  Turkey has chosen to make its border as … Continue reading

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Bulgarian extra time

It was a blessing in disguise that there was no viable camping option near Sozopol.  Travelling along the border region inland had introduced Dan to a much more appealing side of Bulgaria than had been evident at the coast.  Biser, … Continue reading

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Dracula Drives a Dacia

Well actually, he probably doesn’t, but there are enough ageing Dacia 1310s around (which seem to be Renault 12s in drag) to lend an almost African feel to parts of rural Romania.  There’s more modern stuff around too of course, … Continue reading

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