The time is rapidly approaching…

The bikes are pretty much built, the luggage is packed and we’re eyeing up ferry times.  A few last minute panics involving building GPS maps from Open Street Map data and rather more significantly, building Ed’s bike from a pile of bits, have delayed us a couple of days – but that’s hardly unexpected with a trip like this.  In fairness, the fact that Dan moved most of his belongings into a friend’s garage, other belongings into his own garage, and has spent the last couple of weeks living out of bags and boxes 100 miles away from any of his belongings at his folks’ house hasn’t exactly helped his packing and preparation either.  Dan spent today hunting down various belongings, herding them into bright yellow bags and dangling them off a very scared looking motorcycle.  Ed spent today swearing at his wiring.  There’s a very real danger we may be ready to leave tomorrow.

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  1. Other Dan says:

    I hope you’re rolling by now.. apparently envy is a sin, so I’ll say nothing about how I feel. You will have a blast, I’m only sorry we won’t be there to make tuna pasta surprise. Keep your eye on the water pump Dan, unless you fixed it already :)

    Since we managed to avoid meeting for a beer over the last 3 years, perhaps we should pencil in a reunion when you return from Siberia.

    Starting June 1st, Linz and I have at least 3 months off and I have a little Aprilia v-twin waiting at home to help me through the summer….

    Only 6 more weeks of Angola to go.

    Have fun dudes…

    • dan says:

      O-D, A meet up when we get back is a given – if you’re in the UK in October we’ll really look forward to seeing you guys then. I was watching Michael Beckett’s DVD of his Africa trip the other night and getting all nostalgic – all the familiar 2007/8 Atlantic Route Africa faces made at least a brief appearance – you guys, the Boneman, other Chris, Nick the American on his ill-fated XT, George, MJ and Francois on their KTMs and of course Alan and his similarly ill-fated Tiger. I was thinking as I was watching that it’d be great to get everyone together (though it may be a struggle to get Nick or the South Africans to the UK with just the offer of a cheeky sherbet).
      Enjoy the summer guys, and the Aprilia! V-twin doesn’t narrow it down much… We talking RS, RSV, SXV, RXV or one of the 750s?

  2. James Ewen says:

    Did tomorrow ever come?!

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